The gloomy history of the Islamic Republic is a history of abusing people’s religious beliefs and sentiments in order to deceive and suppress them. Throughout all these years, resorting to religious superstition has always been a vital means in the hands of the ruling cliques for consolidating their reactionary control. In a country where its deceitful officials claim to have been appointed by God to implement “the Koran’s decrees” on earth and where its so-called leader calls it “the land” of “the holy one” (the Shiites messiah), then it is of no surprise to witness the thriving market of those con artists who, counting on people’s unawareness, prey on their meagre earnings and make them invest hope in supernatural forces that will solve none of their countless earthly agonies.


A story recently printed in the regime’s newspapers of a “weeping dog” taking refuge in “Imam Reza’s mausoleum” (the eight Imam of the Shiites) in Mash-had (a city in North East of Iran) is a lucid example which once again puts on display the attempts made by the ruling regime to spread superstitious ideas among the masses playing with their religious beliefs and sentiments.


As it was exposed and delivered in the government run press, however, the fact of the matter was that some “devotees of the holy Imam” had taken a dog with teary eyes into the mausoleum (of course under the watchful eyes of the patrolling guards) and filming the alleged “weeping dog” giving full coverage to this bizarre trickery thereby planting this illusive idea in people’s minds that the Imam hearing and answering their prayers are so real that now even a dog has taken refuge to his holiness for its misfortunes.


The story of the so-called “weeping dog”, which was given a holy glaze and hoisted as a sign of God’s might and of the Imam’s righteousness by the regime’s media, of course did not hold water and due to the quarrels amongst the “servants” of God in a hell created by the Islamic Republic named as “the land of the holy one”, a few days later the regime’s official newspaper wrote: “the conspiracy of bringing a dog to the holy mausoleum of Imam Reza and addressing it in the media which spread a lot of rumours in the past two weeks, was countered after discovering a gang of fraudulent con artists and arresting its members”. According to this report, “the members of the gang were a conman and two of the janitors of the mausoleum.” … Interestingly enough, however, the identity of the conman who had such authority and influence as well as considerable means to pull off such a grand scheme was never revealed while copies of the video CD made of the event are still widely circulating and being sold out there.


Under the circumstances where the government officials claim that Ahmadinejad’s coming to power is the will of “the holy one”, then the forged story of a dog taking refuge to the mausoleum should not come as any surprise. When trickery comes to the point that the president of “the land of the holy one” claims that during his speech at the UN a halo embraced him which made him deliver his talk without blinking once and which made all the heads of states to be infatuated by his words, then why shouldn’t such fraudulent stories be manufactured!


The fact is that religion and superstition are primarily the outcome of humankind’s ignorance and unawareness which have been invested in since the emergence of class society to serve the continuity of domination and oppression of the exploitative classes. Therefore, in order to overcome this problem, one must put effort to essentially destroy class oppression while trying to bring awareness to the oppressed masses. Of course, under no other state are people’s religious sentiments manipulated so shamelessly as under a religious state. The Islamic Republic is a living example of it; a regime which from the very outset of its reign, counting on people’s unawareness, has tried to deceive them and provide the conditions for their suppression and the furtherance of exploitation and dependency. 27 years of the Islamic Republic’s domination has clearly shown that this regime, more than any other anti-people regime, has utilised religion and religious superstition to facilitate and further its criminal rule and broaden the market for supposition. Therefore, to free our society from the chains of religious superstition and ideas we must aim at ending the domination of this repressive regime. Only in the course of raising people’s awareness through a revolutionary struggle for dismantling this regime as well as those conditions that keep people ignorant and stupefied, will the possibility rise for people to consciously and gradually sweep away the decayed and superstitious beliefs and traditions and truly emancipate themselves from ideas that are the outcomes of their unawareness.