During the last two decades and with the changes taken place since the fall of the former Soviet Union which altered the face of the once bipolar world, the imperialist bourgeoisie has waged a full scale attack on the working people’s achievements. Since then, not a day has passed by without witnessing new assaults being carried out against the democratic rights of the masses. From making restrictions on the activities of labour organisations and preventing the shortening of working hours to monitoring activists’ and dissidents’ mail and phone calls and most recently attempting to legitimise torture, etc., are all manifestations of the bourgeoisie’s attack on the rights of the oppressed workers and masses.


These days, we even see that the most rightwing members of parliament in European Union trying to put more restrictions on the struggles of the working people and particularly on communists, i.e., the most unwavering advocates of the working class.


Last May, the banning of carrying hammer and sickle and red flags was discussed in the European Union’s parliament, and today a draft is being introduced which under the pretext of the necessity for “international condemnation of crimes committed by communist dictatorial regimes”, tries to categorize communist activities as a “criminal” act. The most reactionary members of the parliament are constantly coming up with new plots against the working class and communists and their righteous struggles. One day they put forth mandatory anti-communist lessons in schools, another day they equate communism with dictatorship. In short, they are resorting to every means to block the liberating thoughts of communism and the struggles of the working class by actually illegalising communist activities.


Indeed, now that they see the balance of power to their advantage, the zealous disciples of bourgeois democracy and “unconditional” “freedom” of thought and expression have come to the point that they are even trying to declare communist activities as “criminal” so that by the force of “law” they can get rid of communists and have peace of mind. These massive attacks also bluntly demonstrate the fact that the labour rights and civil liberties formally acknowleged up until now have not been the fruit of the bourgeoisie’s democratic tendencies or belief system (a lie which this utterly reactionary class tries to spread around) but rather, they have been the result of the struggles of the working class and other oppressed masses against the bourgeoisie both nationally and worldwide. In fact, history shows that throughout the entire supressive and bloody existance of capitalism no labour rights or popular demands have ever been attained without struggles and rebellions, and it is therefore clear that whenever the balance of power is to the working people’s disadvantage, such rights will not escape intact from the claws of the bourgeoisie.


The attempt to illegalize the raising of the “hammer and sickle" and red flags or to “criminalize” communist activities… unveils the visage of the horrifying world that the bourgeoisie has to offer to the population of this planet. It also reveals that the characteristics of the imperialist world are rivalry for bigger markets, war, torture, death and destruction, and surely not the hammer and sickle but rather names such as “Abu Ghuraib”, “Guantanamo” and “Bagram” prison are engraved on its flag; a savage system that has alienated the humanity, a world which the majority of the working and toiling masses of the globe wish to change.


The politico-ideological attack being waged by the imperialist bourgeoisie on communists is neither the first nor the last assault on the working masses. However, this attack proves how soon those who celebrated “the end of history” and who uttered “the death of communism” were forced to admit that they are still fearful of communism. Indeed, they know all too well that communism is the alternative of the existing society and it is precisely of this they are frightened.


Let the bourgeoisie declare the death of communism a hundred times a day, the fact of the matter is that communism, as the science of the emancipation of the working class, will live on. Communism, both as a movement that fights for the emancipation of the working class and as a new society which will be built on the ruins of capitalism, is undying and like phoenix it will rise again from the ashes.