Finally, The International Atomic Energy Agency sent the Islamic Republic’s nuclear case to The United Nations Security Council; an issue that can entail a series of penalties against the Islamic Republic. In view of the fact that the US government states that in order to prevent the Islamic Republic from having access to nuclear weapons it will consider all “possible options”, referring the case to the UN Security Council has seriously faced the people of Iran and the world with the possibility of a US military attack and its subsequent dangers.


The possibility of the US attacking Iran, however, is not a new issue. From the time the neoconservatives siezed power and declared Iran as an “axis of evil” and later on deployed troops to Afghanistan and Iraq, the issue of attacking Iran has been mentioned in different ways especially by those in the White House who insist on the necessity of attacking Iran and Syria in order to expand US domination in the Middle East within the American so-called plan for the “great middle East”. It is in this situation that we can see the formation of those trends within the Islamic Republic’s opposition who support a US attack on Iran in order to be released from the ruling clerics. These trends simply argue that if our people are incapable of overthrowing the “criminal mullahs” themselves, the what is wrong with the US doing it for us.


All history shows, however, that nowhere in its one hundred year domination around the world has imperialism including American imperialism ever been the promoter of freedom and democracy. On the contrary, it has always battered freedom. A look at the recent experience of the US military presence in Afghanistan and Iraq, Iran’s neighboring countries, in itself attests to this point. Yes, it is true that Afghanistan’s and Iraq’s dictators were toppled after the US attacked both countries. Nevertheless, the fact of the matter is that in neither of the two countries have people gained either freedom or democracy. Of course, the US propaganda apparatus has always tried to portray the staged elections in Afghanistan and Iraq as a mark of the establishment of democracy and as a “rise of Freedom’s sun”. But, to the Iranian people who have experienced at least 27 rounds of such elections under the 27 year rule of the criminal regime of the Islamic Republic, it is obvious that these sham elections are by no means a sign of democracy and freedom but rather an attempt to disguise dictatorial regimes which on a daily basis demonstrate that the only thing they are not concerned with is the free will of people. In fact, contrary to the line of reasoning that fraudulently depicts the world super-powers willing to spend millions of dollars on deploying their armies in order to offer freedom and democracy to them on a silver plate, aside from all other examples in the world, the course of events in Afghanistan and Iraq alone illustrates the opposite. This viewpoint which represents an un-revolutionary tendency hides the simple truth that the United States and other imperialist powers send their armies to this or that place and change this or that regime not in the interests of the oppressed masses whose backs are bent under the weight  of the very same powers’ exploitation and oppression, but rather in order to maintain and expand their area of domination. Therefore, at any point if their interests would require to attack the Islamic Republic, as it did in the case of their other lackey regimes, i.e., the Taliban’s and Sadam’s, they would not leave the scene so that our people could decide their future in a free and democratic environment, just as the Afghanis and Iraqis could not.


The truth is that where imperialists, including US imperialism, are the most focal enemies of our people and where the ruling dictatorship in Iran basically would not have had a chance without their open or covert aids to survive and thus continue its savagery against our people, laying hopes in external powers to bring an end to the ruling regime in Iran would have no other meaning than a step towards further tightening our people’s chains. That what would be the fate of Islamic Republic’s nuclear case in United Nations Security Council and that within their rivalries whatever method the world powers would use towards the Islamic regime, would not bring the slightest change to the fact that these powers are not our people’s friends and that our people can achieve freedom and democracy only when they: a) recognize their own enemies in all forms, b) throw out these enemies with their own power, c) realize that changing political regimes without a revolution in this ruling oppressive economic system would never lead to freedom. The transfer of power from the Shah’s to the Islamic Republic proved this point once, we must not let our people’s revolutionary potential be channeled into such directions again. The way out of these atrocious conditions imposed on our people is to fight against the Islamic Republic regime and to do away with the ruling socio-economic system by the militant force of the working and toiling masses.