Ahmadinejad’s decision “to bury the martyrs” of the regime on the university campus, and the defiance of the majority of the students after that, has created a new atmosphere of rage and dissent among the university students. On March 11th 2006 when the regime’s mercenaries attempted to bury three coffins of the so-called “martyrs” in Sharief University’s mosque, a clash took place between the regime’s thugs and the defiant students. During the clash the president of the university was injured and the infamous thugs of the Hezbollah threw a hand grenade at the protesters.


Following the escalation of the recent wave of the university students’ protest, Mohammad Taghi Rahbar, one of the Islamic Republic’s members of parliament, while threatening the students with expulsion, requested from the University Disciplining Committee to investigate their situation, which of course under the rule of the Islamic Republic regime means further suppression of the students. With the shamelessness of all the officials of the regime, he then denied students the right to protest and stated: “a student, whom the government spends at least 2 million dollars on annually, has no right to protest against an accepted symbol in our culture”. Obviously, however, this MP himself knows all too well that the militant students will not pay any attention to such utterances and will express their protest in response. Therefore, while admitting the students’ recent defiance, he portrays it to be the work of the “nonconformists” and states: “the defiant activity in Sharief University was created by those elements with a kind of malevolence and nonconformity that are present in the universities”.


Certainly, it must be noted that contrary to the regime’s portrayal, the reason for the students’ protest is that the conscious and militant students have grasped the suppressive and anti-people nature of the Islamic Republic regime through experience. They understand correctly that the regime’s true objective is to pave the road for entering their suppressive forces and thugs (known as Hezbollah) into the universities in order to intensify the rein of fear and terror there….


On the other hand, the militant students realize that the very same thugs who threw a hand grenade at the defiant students on March 11th 2005, now with the outmost shamelessness attributed the cause of the March 11th aggression to those students who “see the Iranian People’s Fadaee Guerrillas as their role model”. Therefore, the students have no doubt that the same mercenaries might very well raid the universities in the future under the pretext of protecting the so called “Martyred’s respect” in order to suppress those advocating communist and revolutionary goals such as the IPFG’s.


Concerning the events in Sharief University, it is interesting to note that following the public infamy of throwing a hand grenade into the students’ midst by the regime’s thugs, Sharief News (one of the regime’s affiliated news websites), printed an article titled “Union of Communism and Capitalism”, attempting to ascribe this criminal action to communist students, especially those adherent to the IPFG.


Such nonsense is attributed to those whose role model is the IPFG while every one can plainly see that, in fact, it has been the regime’s thugs throughout all these years that have imposed physical confrontations not only on students but on workers and all other oppressed sectors of our society as well; thus leaving no choice to the revolutionary students and the working and toiling masses but to organize resistance and fight in response. Besides, if the IPFG and its advocates were so ruthless as to resort to such inhumane acts, then they would not have the credibility and eminence they have among the people. In fact, the IPFG’s prominence among the oppressed masses and university students derives from the fact that throughout the past three decades the people have always seen the IPFG on their side fighting for their cause. The IPFG’s reputation is not only related to their heroic struggle against the Shah’s regime but it comes from the fact that they have always told the people the truth. In the poisonous atmosphere after the 1979 uprising caused by the spread of opportunism and compromise in society, they realized the anti-people nature of the Islamic Republic regime from the very beginning and explained it to the masses. They were never fooled by the deceitful propaganda of either the regime or its imperialist masters. They were never fooled by the regime’s pseudo “anti-imperialist” charade or by its sham elections. They condemned the regime’s conspiracy of closing down universities in the early 80s and fought against it. They depicted the imperialist-led war between Iran and Iraq and never followed any of the regime’s factions nor did they fall for their gimmicks like those political forces who cheered for Khatami and his so-called “rule of law”. The IPFG has unwaveringly fought against the imperialist-dependent regime of the Islamic Republic, and that is the reason for their credibility and the prominence of their combative line and goal in the eyes of the masses.


The truth of the matter is that despite the fact that the ruling dictatorship in Iran practically eliminated a generation of revolutionaries, every day the righteousness of the IPFG’s path and goal which is inseparable from the goal of the working class, grows stronger within our society. Just like worldwide the bourgeoisie cannot escape from the “spectre of Communism", the Iranian bourgeoisie too cannot escape this spectre which has become intertwined with the name and the aim of the IPFG in our society. The recent events in Sharief University are yet another manifestation of it.