These days various papers publish reports indicating that some powerful circles within the US have started a plan to the tune of dividing Iran. The most recent example is an article written by Ralph Peters, a retired US General. In his article, Ralph Peters claims that the map of the Middle East has not been drawn “fairly”, therefore, it must be changed. On the map proposed by this “righteous” General, a “great” and “independent” Kurdistan appears which includes parts of Iran’s, Iraq’s, Turkey’s and Syria’s Kurdistan. Also on this map, a part of southern Iran forms a new country together with the Shiia populated sections of Iraq. The same story applies to Balouchistan and Azarbaijan on this map. It is clear that when speaking of fairness, the concern here is not the people’s right to self-determination but rather dividing the Middle East according to the needs and interests of US imperialism.


Everyone knows that the US came up with the plan for a “great Middle East” in order to gain a bigger piece of the Middle East “pie” which means a bigger share of the exploitation and plunder of the region’s oppressed masses. And it was precisely according to the same plan that Afghanistan and Iraq were raided and torn apart. The plan for a “great Middle East” and its so-called democratization is in fact a code for the redivision of the region’s markets between the US and other imperialist powers just like what they brought upon the former Yugoslavia. Exactly towards this aim, The American Enterprise Institute which is one the centers that provides the US government with strategic plans, held a conference titled “Unknown Iran, Another Case for Federalism” chaired by Michael A. Ledeen  Invited were a number of fraudulent, self-proclaimed representatives of the oppressed nationalities of Iran so that under the guidance of Mr. Ledeen (who represents US imperialism, i.e. number one enemy of Iran’s oppressed people) they would supposedly find a way to fight national oppression and discrimination, or in reality help US imperialism forward its anti-people, separatist plans in Iran and its domination in the region.


At the same time, the US Senate also held a conference recently named “Road to Democracy: Full political and human rights in Iran” in which some representatives of The Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan and The Komala Party of Iranian Kurdistan participated. It was not surprising that The Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan which had for so long repeated the slogan “democracy for Iran and autonomy for Kurdistan”, suddenly throws away this slogan like an old shoe and changed into a new federalist pair cobbled by the US and Co. in Iraq Kurdistan. And in doing so, it proved that it is not the urge to answer the real needs of the Kurdish people or to resolve the national oppression but rather the the policies of big powers that detemines the use of this or another slogan.


While propagating for “splitting” Iran is completely against the interests of the people of Iran, the fact is that with all its anti-people policies the Islamic Republic itself is a great factor in facilitating such imperialist plans. The unbearable conditions that the Islamic Republic has created for the masses in Iran have in fact provided some ears for imperialist propaganda particularly when the people want the regime out. However, although it is a correct and revolutionary demand of all Iranian people to want the Islamic Republic out, this will be in our people’s interest only when it is done by the mighty hands of the people themselves. And in doing so, the people of Iran need the unity of all their forces. Therefore, we must not allow the people’s enemies to advance their vicious policies by dividing the people. We must also expose all those political groups that seek help from the imperialists including the US in overthrowing the ruling dictatorship in Iran.


We are categorically against the balkanization of Iran or the region in any shape, way or form. And while we recognize their right to self-determination and even separation, we promote the unity of all the nationalities in Iran in their fight against the Islamic Republic. We believe that only by destroying the ruling imperialist dictatorship and establishing democracy will our people have the chance to freely express their will without foreign intervention and make their own destiny.